IoT Solutions

We develop IoT enabled products

IoT Intelligent Products

Products of today are thinking and behave intelligently and communicate with other IoT products via IoT hardware and IoT software. At ECT, we have a broad experience in designing products that are connected to the Internet and that communicate with the world of IoT devices. We create IoT solutions.

IoT User Interface

IoT technology allows you to manage and control products, both in your home and when far from the product, via smart apps and IoT interfaces. ECT designs user interfaces to our unique IoT solutions.

IoT Data Processing

IoT solutions gives your product the possibility of delivering data. Data collected from gauges, meters and sensors, or data telling about the product’s use and the working conditions of the product. IoT data must be processed and visualized with IoT software to give meaning. We are helpful in creating the systems that process and display IoT data.