Project Management

Prestudies & Feasibility Studies

The electronic product development often starts by conducting basic studies and research, and often proof of concept tests. Hereby, we find out whether it is possible to develop the idea from a technical perspective. In this context, we focus on the points with the highest risk.

Design Specification

The development process starts with a Design Specification. In other words, we create a document with all the details of the product. Additionally, it describes all functionalities, user interfaces, features and forms.

Regulatory Test & Approvals

All electronic products have to meet certain regulatory demands. Therefore, these must be verified once the development process is finished. For that reason, we take these demands into account at an early stage. We take care of environmental tests and EMC tests.


Lastly, the product has to be installed in a factory for production. However, this calls for well preparation. Therefore, we develop hardware and software to support the shortest possible assembly time. As a result, we can limit the productions costs. Often, this also require developing a special Factory Test Equipment.