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Knud Madsen

Knud Madsen



Henrik Mikkelsen

Henrik Mikkelsen



Christina Eliasen

Christina Eliasen

Marketing Manager


Johann Sølvsteen

Johann Sølvsteen


Ejvind Henriksen

Ejvind Henriksen

Non-executive chairman


Erik Stridbaek

Erik Stridbaek



Electronic Solutions

Our electronic solutions are developed focusing on solving your problem. We see the possibilities in your idea, listen and understand your needs. Together we create the product you need. Working with us, you will see that we are not just developers and engineers, but craftsmen. All with a great passion for electronics, engineering and wireless communication technologies. Ingenuity is the key to making your product better than you dared to hope. For us, usability is important. The electronic solutions must not only solve your problem, but also the end-user’s. We have divided for solutions into two categories according to your needs: 

Development & Design

The Development & Design Service helps companies develop complete products. We can assist right from the first idea to finished product. I addition, we can offer to assist in selected phases of a project. Whether it is a re-design of software, hardware or something else. Offering all our experience and know-how, with full product development, will make the process smooth. We take all challenges, task, and ideas into consideration right from the start. The goal is to be productive, foreseeing and accurate. That way, we avoid costly re-designs and reduce time-to-market.

OEM Product Design

We develop electronic OEM products based on wireless communication technologies. Our latest product is an alarm pendant we like to call “CarePhone”. The OEM products are offered to be re-branded in our partners’ names, and are customized to their specific needs. With solid expertise in wireless communication technologies, and embedded software engineering, we can develop just the product you need.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring great ideas to life. Thus we can help others with our innovative electronic solutions. We believe that high tech combined with low complexity can improve usability.

Our Vision

Our vision it to provide innovative and user-friendly electronic solutions. The goal is to help you develop your good idea. By developing your good idea we can help others together.

How did it all start?

Our history dates back to 1996, where Henrik Mikkelsen and Ejvind Henriksen founded ECT as an R&D company. The core area was electronic hardware and software R&D. ECT is still privately owned by the founders. In 2012, we decided to widen the offer to contain taking responsibility for the complete product R&D. Now including mechanical design, tooling, regulatory approvals and implementation in a factory. In addition, we also began working with development of Medical Equipment. Electronic solutions are still the core of our business. Our motivation is simply to improve others lives by making innovative solutions. 


ECT was founded by Henrik Mikkelsen and Ejvind Henriksen as a software and hardware R&D company.


Development of satellite/mobile telecommunication products.


Launch of PBX.


Solo distributor and applications partner for Spectralink DECT module.



Reference design to major chip vendor, Dialog Semiconductor


Knud Madsen joins the team as a shareholder.

ECT widens the offer to include taking responsibility for the complete product R&D. Including mechanical design, tooling, regulatory approvals and production.

Starts to offer wireless communication products as OEM.


Launch of a healthcare product – CarePhone.



Launch of a veterinary device – CURO, AMG sensor and recorder for muscle analysis.


Launch of a medical device – breast pump.

Are you our new colleague?

Working at ECT gives you the opportunity to be a part of an innovative engineer company. We work closely together, values mutual respects and encourage ideas, opinions, and initiatives. It is important for us to take great pride in developing customized solutions of high quality.

At ECT, our passion drives around electronic development. Our motivation is simply to develop products for our clients. If you share our passion, you might be the kind of enthusiast, we are looking for.





We are always looking for skilled engineering interns. Preferable with interest in electronic development. If you like to work with wireless communication technologies, it is a plus. Primarily, we work with embedded solutions. It is, therefore, a must that you are interested in embedded software programming in C, C++ and/or compact hardware solutions.

We solve development tasks for different Danish and foreign clients. As an intern at ECT, you will be working with projects where you will have a technical contact with the client.

Unsolicited Job Applications



We are always looking for skilled and passionate people to join our team. If you feel like you have something great to offer, we happily accept unsolicited applications. Show us your motivation, and describe exactly what you can contribute with. You never know, you might be the person we did not know we needed.  

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