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Development & Design Service

Our Development & Design Service are for those who need help with product development. Therefore, we offer to cover the whole process. Moreover, we can also offer to help with a selected phase. Together, we will find the right solution for your project.

Watch our video. Here we will describe our full Development & Design Service:

We offer our Development & Design Service on a consultancy basis. Thereby, you choose whether you need help for the whole process, or assistance for a part of the project. All projects start with a meeting where we can discuss your idea. Hereafter, we divide the process into four phases.

In the illustration you can see what the full Development & Design Service includes:

Development & Design Service through more than 20 years!

Through more than 20 years we have provided Development & Design Service. Thus we have built a strong team of experienced engineers. They are experts in electronic development, and project based work. Our experience is a great asset for your project. It will minimize costly re-designs and prolonged time-to-market. We use our know-how to consider all aspects of a project in the early stages of the development process.  

Our Competences

Design specification

We start the development process by doing a Design Specification. We create a document with the detail of the product. This document is technical and detailed enough to create the product. The document describes all functionalities, user interfaces, features in general, forms and a like.

Prestudies & Feasibility studies

We start by conducting studies. These will show, if it is possible to develop the idea, in a technical perspective. We focus on the points having the highest risk.

Mechanical Engineering

An important part is to make the design work. Therefore, we are always paying attention to the entire development process. Thereby, we can avoid costly re-designs. In addition, we have an extended knowledge about multiple manufacturing processes. That way, we can apply the correct solutions.

Electrical & Software Engineering

Our team of engineers consists of hardware and software specialist. Primarily, they work with embedded solutions. Our software engineers are programming in C and C++. Our hardware people take care of PCB designs for embedded systems. In addition, they are experts in wireless communication technologies with RF in the microwave area.


When a new product is developed it needs to be produced. There is a great chance the factory will need a tool to mass-produce the product. We can make the tooling and test equipment for production.

Testing & Debugging

We make sure the product is without serious errors by testing and debugging the product. This part is import in order to avoid launching a product not being ready. Thereby we can optimize time-to-market.

Regulatory Test & Approvals

All electronic products have to meet certain regulatory demands. This must be verified once the product development is finished. We take these demands into account at an early stage of the process. Thereby, we avoid costly re-design, and reduce time-to-market.


Installing a product for mass production in a factory calls for well preparation. Hardware and software must be developed to support the shortest possible assembly time – and cost. We carefully define the factory tests, to make sure that the product meets specifications, spending the shortest possible test time. Often this require developing a special Factory Test Equipment.


Technology changes all the time, and the same counts for wireless communication technologies. We are always doing our best to guide you to choose the most suitable technology for your new product. We are experts in telecommunication and are excellent in making products with full duplex communication.  

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