Development & Design Service

Complete Electronic Design Service

At ECT we develop and design electronics solutions. Thereby, we can offer full-service product development and project management. In addition, we offer to take care of simple parts of your project. Also, our electronic solutions are developed with a focus on solving your problem. Consequently, we see the possibilities in your idea, listen and understand your needs. Together we create the product you need. Furthermore, you will find that we are not just developers and engineers, but craftsmen. Everyone with a great passion for electronics, engineering and wireless communication technologies.

We develop products in electronics, sensor technology, wireless communication, embedded software and IoT solutions. As we act as an external and independent partner, the product and rights are always transferred to the customer. Our job is to be responsible for product development and project management. Lastly, we hand over all documentation. From there, the product is yours.

We have divided our services into two categories: 

Development & Design

Our Development & Design Service helps you develop products. Thereby, we can offer full-service product development and project management. In addition, we can also offer to help with selected phases of your project. Whether it is re-designing software, hardware or something third. Furthermore, we are an external and independent development house.

OEM Product Design

We develop electronic OEM products based on wireless communication technologies. Our latest product is an alarm pendant which we call “CarePhone”. The OEM products are offered to be re-branded in our partners’ names, and are customized to their specific needs. Because of our solid expertise in wireless communication technologies, and embedded software engineering, we can develop just the product you need.

Development & Design Service through more than 20 years!

Through more than 20 years we have provided Development & Design Service. Thus we have built a strong team of experienced engineers. They are experts in electronic development, and project based work. Our experience is a great asset for your project. It will minimize costly re-designs and prolonged time-to-market. We use our know-how to consider all aspects of a project in the early stages of the development process.